Hindi for travelers in India

Hindi for Travelers in India: Vocabulary, Phrases and Numbers in Hindi

Many Indians, especially those of the younger generation, speak at least a little English. But as a traveler with a few chunks of Hind, you will be extremely popular. You might get a better price in the bazaar or be invited for a cup of chai. Thus, Hindi for travelers in India opens a completely new access to the country and the people!
However, most textbooks and Hindi courses focus on outdated forms and unnecessary grammar. Often a little Hindi is enough – as long as it is authentic! – to impress Indian locals. And since Hindi is only one of the many languages of India, Indians tend to forgive pronunciation mistakes.

I spent almost a year in India. These are the words and phrases I used the most.

Greeting and addressing in Hindi

Hello (formal, Hindus)Namaste / Namaskar
Hello (formal, Muslims)Assalaamualaikum
Hello (formal, Sikhs)Sat Shri Akaal
Good morningSuprabhat
How are you? (formal)Aap kaise/i hai? (m/w)
What’s up?Kya haal hai?
Everything alright?Sab thik hai?
What’s up bro?Aur bhai
I’m fine.Mai thik huun
I’m doing great, thanks.Mai bharia huun, shukriya.
Goodbye.Phiir milenge.
No problem.Koi baat nahi.
See you tomorrow.Kal milenge.
Let’s go!Chaloo!

Introducing yourself and Small Talk in Hindi

What’s your name?Apka naam kya hai?
My name is Jack.Mera naam Jack hai.
Where are you from?Ap kahaan se hai?
I’m from the United States.Mai USA se huun.
That’s my friend.Yeh mere dost hai.
What’s your job?Apka kaam kya hai?
I’m a student.Mai student huun.
Oh, you’re from Delhi? Very nice!Achchha, aap Dilli se hai? Bahut sundar!
India is amazing!India bahut bharia hai!
Indian food is the best!Hindustani khaana sabse achchha hai.
Long live India!Jai Hindustan!

Bargaining and Numbers in Hindi

How much is it?Kitna paisa?
I don’t want it.Nahi chaiiye.
Yes / NoJi, Haa / Nahi
That’s very expensive.Yeh bahut mahenge hai!
That’s not the Indian price.Yeh Hindustani price nahi hai.
I don’t have any money.Mere paas paisa nahin hai.
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5Ek / Do / Teen / Chaar / Paanch
6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10Cheh / Saath / Aath / Nau / Daass
20 / 30 / 40 / 50Bees / Tees / Chaleess / Pachaas
100 / 500 / 1000Ek sau / Paanch sau / Ek Hazaar

Questions, Questions, Questions!

Where’s the toilet?Toilet kahaan hai?
Where is the hospital?Haaspital kahaan hai?
What time is it?Kya samay hai?
What’s that?Yeh kya hai?
Can I get some tea?Chai milega?
Do you have bananas?Kele apke paas?
Hey, you crazy?!Are, paagal ho?!
What’s wrong, what happened?Kya hua?

Other Hindi Vocabulary for Travelers in India

Brother / SisterBhai / Didi
Banana / Apple / MangoKela / Seb / Aam
Bread / Rice / YogurtRoti / Chaaval / Dahii
Temple / MosqueMandir / Masjid
Water / Food / TeaPaani / Khaana / Chai

Hindi for Travelers in India

With this Hindi vocabulary you are prepared for any trip to India (and Pakistan) – and can thus immerse yourself more deeply in the culture of the subcontinent. Because only those who know the language and speak with its people can really understand a country. This Hindi for travelers in India makes it possible! Jai Hindustan!

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