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Hello, Salaam Aleikum and Namaste!
Nice to have you aboard the OrientExpress! Together we will discover the colourful cultures and countries of Asia.

My name is Lucas, I am 21 years old. This blog is the opportunity for me to combine my two passions: writing and traveling.

Orientexpress Blog Lucas Pietrapiana
Nashik, India, 2010

In 2017, shortly after graduating from high school and at the tender age of 18, I traveled alone for the first time. My destination: India. Although still an inexperienced and somewhat naive newcomer to the backpacker scene, I enjoyed my four months in India tremendously. I visited Rajasthan and the Himalaya, Goa and Varanasi.

Traveling hasn’t let me go since. While I was studying in Hamburg, I traveled to Morocco twice during the semester break, and did some trips in Europe as well. In 2019, a one-year stay in India and Pakistan followed. When the coronavirus brought me home, I decided to quit my studies (sorry, mom) and focus on writing!
Since then I have been working as a freelance copywriter, doing an online training as a translator, and running the OrienteEpress blog.

I am curious to see where the journey will take me – and I am looking forward to having you with me!

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Email: info@orientexpress.blog


I also work as a copy-writer and translator. If you are interested in hiring me for one of your projects, please contact me via mail or visit my Upwork profile. Thanks!

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